Bosco has always given pride of place to quality.

For over twenty years we work in compliance with the stricter standards in quality. We have followed over the years, the constant change in this concept from the simple "product quality" to "total quality management".

The ISO 9001:2015 certification obtained marked an important step in recognition of their work.

Today, the attention to the needs and customer satisfaction is at the heart of every business activity, with the specific aim of providing products and services that fully meet the demands and specific needs of our customers.

A quality product, certainly, but also high speed of delivery, wide availability of materials in warehouse, catalogs updated each year a daily offering support solutions to any question, focus on eliminating errors, real "costs" occult.

We believe that the current position of the company in the market is due to the capacity of our internal and external staff to create a customer relationship based on competence and mutual trust. Courtesy and preparation are two characteristics that we believe very much.

ISO 9001:2015